Thursday, May 18, 2006

All right! I finally remembered my username for this site. Every time I re-format my computer I end up having a hard time getting back on this site because I always forget my username. Perhaps I should disable the auto-login feature. Oh well. The important thing is I remembered.

So, another semester of college is behind me. Another semester of being undecided. But, I couldnt care less about that right now. My good friend alcohol made sure of that. Im just glad its over with. Whatever my grades are, I can worry about them later. Besides, I've got more exciting things to look forward to. The Flamings Lips are playing next week. On Tuesday I will actually be able to buy alcohol for myself. And I'll finally be able to stay here in San Diego for the summer. Ive always wondered what it would be like to live here without an obligation to go to school. I'd have a much better time living here without the added stress.

Anyway, I'll stop before I make a fool of myself. I cant think well enough to write right now. But I wont let our many readers down. More posts to come soon. Just give me some time to sober up.


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