Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Normal Life

So what have I been up to? Same old, Same old. I still work at the resteraunt. Yeah, Datillos. I found two cool sites. I have to mention them to you Waiter Rant and Buon Appetito. Two great sites that give you an idea of the stuff I deal with on a daily basis. Other than dealing with stuff like that, I'm cool. I'm happy because, both Danny and Erin will be in town this summer. It's great news for me.

I really can't wait for Erin to get here though. She's coming on a internship through her school, so she'll be unavailable alot, but it's worth it just because I'll get to see her. She's a great friend. Having a friend like that live across the country is hard. I have to admit, we don't talk like we used too, She's usually pretty busy. Hopefully that will change this summer. I'm looking foward to it.


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