Monday, April 24, 2006

The nerdery continues

So the long wait is finally over. Tommorow is the release of the much anticipated (for me at least) CGI movie; Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Now the nerdery can continue. And yes, nerdery is a word. Although Im not sure I spelled it right. I havent written anything in so long Im starting to forget how to spell. Considering the exam Im taking is this weekend, this is not a good sign. I need to teach myself how to write in "properspeak" (as I call it) again. The internet and FFXI have done a number on my 'skills of a writer' (Anyone get the reference? No? Damn. I really am a nerd). No more AIMspeak for me. Personally, I could do without lol's, brb's, 4's, and those retarded ur's. Seriously kids, Learn how to fucking spell! And dont g3t m3 s74r7ed 0n 7hi5 5hi7. If you are confused see this example:

And dont bother asking me why I know what that means. Id like to think Im clever enough to figure it out. Anyway, back to what I was rambling about. So the deal is, I have to get a certain score to pass, otherwise I will have to take 1 or 2 classes to make up for it depending on how low my score is. Not that I don't need the units, Id just rather take more classes that have to do with my major. Which I will be changing again soon. Hopefully for the last time. At least in about a month or so, I will be that much closer to getting out of here.


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