Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Do you want to know what I dont understand? Why is it that something as simple as taking a written exam can cost $35? I understand it costs money to administer a test like this, but is it really necessary to charge $35 for a test that all students have to take at some point in their college career? I guess Im just bitter because of the money that just fell out of my pocket. Oh yeah. Not to mention the fact that I havent taken a writing course in about three semesters. Hopefully, if I start posting more things here, I will be able to remember how to write a paragraph that doesnt jump around so much.

Maybe I should write a review like Mike did earlier with G.R.A.W. Im sure everyone would be dying to read something like that. I think Im about half way through Kingdom Hearts II. I'd like to finish it first, but I dont think I will have time for that. Perhaps I should just use an older game. One I've already played through and know well. I'll pick one later since its time for me to go to work.


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