Friday, September 30, 2005

Some strange things have been happening to me recently. It seems if I have been receiving some rather undeserved kindness this week. I was invited to a concert. The online service I use to submit my homework was down the other night, so the homework I turn in tonight wont be as late as it should. My co-worker offered to pay for my Green Day ticket because I am driving him to the concert. But the strangest thing happened a coulple days ago. I got a message from someone I haven't talked to in about five years or so. I think most of the people who read this blog, with the exception of Mike and perhaps Verne, have not known me long enough to meet Luke. He was my best friend before I moved to Whittier. We fell out of contact after some stupid things went on our freshman year in high school. And ever since then, I suppose we've just gone our seperate ways. Then a few days ago he sends me a message via myspace and says he wants to talk. Id rather not write about the events that lead up to this point. If you really want to know, then ask me sometime . Its just strange to think that after all this time he still thinks he owes me an apology. I mean, I'm also to blame for the fact that we havent spoken in years. I know he's probably talking about the things that happened freshman year. The truth is, I cant remember if I was ever really angry at him. Now I play those things off like it was no big deal. So then why didnt I make an effort to talk to him? Denial? I honestly dont know. Hopefully some things will be cleared up when I meet with him.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Taking away all that is desired.

This is just a random theory, after meeting someone of a type I despise.

That type? Women who think they are great. I mean that not in the way that they aren't confident, I like confident women. I mean girls who rely on just their looks. The ones who have their noses in the air. I don't want to sound sexist, but as men, we have completely lost control of women. What happened to the days when a woman needed a man? That all seems gone now. Men are so infatuated with women we've given them the power over us.

I don't know if this is sounding right but let me explain, most women (not all, of course.) are money grubbing. They really think that by being hot, they can get exactly what they want, and they can, because we as men, allow them too, just so we can get laid.

I met a girl tonight. Very cute. Lovely eyes, nice hair, and rather large breasts (which doesn't affect me the way it does most guys.) She did however, carry with her, a Prada bag. And drove a Lexus. Double-yoo-tee-eff?

She then proceeded to act shy and coy, Which was attractive, and she knew it. You could tell. She then proceeded to ask me, where I worked. unemployed I responded. This is where I noticed it. She grinned, a subtle, "I knew it" grin. I then remarked Where I recently worked. She suddenly turned back on the coyness and stared at me.

Then in the parking lot, she asked me, "Oh so, Which car is yours?" My brain worked in extreme overdrive striving to keep from bursting in maniacal laughter. "I came with, Brad." I responded. She looked away, as if slightly embarassed. Which she should I might add, since she was so blatant with her... attempts to find out how much I was worth.

Is this what makes her happy? Exactly how many divorces do any of you think she will go through with an attitude like that?

I think enough. More than enough. So this makes me think, Why can't guys, as an act of self-preservation, take that away from a girl like her? Why give in to that, if you do have the money? If it's really about getting laid, well then, you could probably go do that with a much nicer girl, whom you actually like. Why? because you're absolutely money! I don't meann you Have money, you ARE money. You have the class and the dignity to not sell out. Girls like her, a dime a dozen, and more of them are actually worth it, because you like them. Not the other way around.

Did she ask me all these questions because she thought I was attractive? My first answer is of course no, because that's the way I naturally think. But after seeing that, My answer is yes. Because I need to be the one who thinks that. I as a guy, need to think the women do want me, but I get to choose who I want.

I've already chosen as well. She is absolutely worth it as well, because she's the complete opposite. If anything, I don't think I'm deserving of her, which leads me back full-circle to the beginning.

But I am. So HAH!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

You Think Not Tellin' Is The Same As Not Lying, Don't You?

I knew it would pay off in some way, and it did. I subscribed to The Whites Stripes' newsletter a bit ago. Never saw much from it, just the welcome to the newsletter, bla-bla-bla... but today, there was gold in my inbox.

The Newsletter was a heads up about this.

When are they gonna do late night to promote again?

Also, I changed my Visual Style for XP again. Started getting a little old of Hacked.

It's real clean. I actually like the colors. Especially the green headers. I anyone wants to learn how to do this on XP, I'd be more than happy to help.

Also in other geeky news, There is an article on forbes that chronicles microsofts ultimate loss with the Xbox. It was not pretty. Lemme just quote it...

"Morale would no doubt be better if Microsoft were still growing at 50% a year, as it was doing 15 years ago. Not counting one-time gains from option accounting, net in the fiscal year just ended was up only 19%.

The Xbox game console is hot, but its division has lost $4 billion in four years and isn't yet in the black."

That's a little scary.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Hooray! Pt. II

Perhaps the title is a bit misleading, but this is an update of my previous post. So I'll get to that first. I am officially going to see Weezer and the Foo Fighters tomorrow. One of the girls that I work with bought a ticket for her friend, but she couldnt go. And, surprisingly, she asked me to go in her place. Lucky me. I was actually feeling good for once. But that didn't last very long. It started today when I was called in to work early because my co-worker called in sick. Then when it started getting busy, the doucebags who work at the other stores started coming in to harass me because they wanted to leave. But when I asked them for help, they said they cant spare anybody when they have about 20 or so employees. Considering I work on a team that usually consists of two people (keep in mind, the one that isnt me isnt there), I didnt think that would be asking too much. Apparently I was wrong. Ughh... just another one of those days. Good thing its over. And I dont work tomorrow. Sucks for the morning guy. I left a lot of shit for him to do.

Its strange to see science in action like that. I should have seen it coming though. Everyone knows Newtons law of Action - Reaction. What Im wondering now is if my shitty day today completely nullifies the fact that I came across a free Weezer ticket, or if more bad... luck, karma... whatever you want to call it, is coming my way. I suppose I'll find out.

Hey, You! Get Off Of My Cloud


Hooray! I might be going to the Weezer/Foo Fighter concert tomorrow. If I can get out of work that is. I'll probably try to make a deal with my supervisor today. Luckily, hes cool about shit like this. Considering this show is literally taking place in my backyard, it should be appropriate that I attend. Ive thought about going up to the gates at previous shows just to see if the security people would let me in. I can hear shows from my bedroom window, so what difference would it make if they let me in? I guess they just dont think the same way I do.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

You Couldn't Wait For Me

So I'm back. I just have to say though, I made the best decision in getting our two newest authors. It surprised me, and made me very happy to see that the site had been updated since I had been gone. I was only gone about 28 hours as well!!! You guys are great.

I recently left to Oceanside to stay with my aunt and help out with her kids. Had a great time, but I realized, I really won't want kids for a while. I'm back though, so anyone who wants to hang out with cool old me, I'm back, just for you too.

New song

Aiight. I just finished the first draft of a new song, but since y'all can't hear it right now, i'll just give you the lyrics. Please tell me what you think. I like constructive criticism and feedback because songs are never finished. I know it'll be kind of hard to know the feel of the song and understand how the words flow. I'll get y'all a recording as quick as i can. It's called...
Dance With Silence

The door clicks shut. I hear your steps come in
Soft to avoid my questions
Tip-Toe. Two. Three. You're waltzing
Trying to Dance with Silence

Your mouth will move with a soundless song
As I confront your midnight crawl
No matter your plights of innocence
I only see your Dance with Silence

You move so gracefully
Like you've done this a time or two before
With such elegance
I can't watch anymore

My screams die down as you drive away
A cliche end to a love decayed
Lost in hate and sadness
How will I Dance with your Silence

Everything is going fairly well with me these days although there is barely time to sleep.

I am trying to find gigs and that's hard enough let alone finding one that pays.

I heard a quote the other day that really made me stop and think. It deals with a cliche subject, but it still really impressed me. I have no idea who said it. "It is not about being the perfect person. It is about finding someone who makes you feel perfect."

I'm starting to do yoga in the mornings... and as dorky as that sounds, its actually really awesome. Where I would normally sleep in, I am getting up at around 7, doing yoga, and starting my day. Getting up this early usually is a set up for long, tired, nap-filled days, but yoga totally wakes you us and gives you energy. It's amazing. Who would of thought that I would give up my precious naps? (And just to explain a little... I usually can't go a day without an our nap or more. I am just too tired.) Yay for Yoga! :-D

Tim Burton's The Corpse Bride comes out at midnight! So excited. We're going to go see a 12:15 am showing. I'll let y'all know how it goes.

Okay time to go. I have a rehearsal tonight for a friend's recording session. Take care you guys. :-D

Put Yer Money Where Yer Mouth Is

Well, I've been saying I would review the Oasis show, and since I've got nothing else to do right now, I think its about time I fulfill that promise. So, lets not waste any more time.

Now, this was the first time I had gone to the Hollywood Bowl. I figured we had bad seats, but I was not aware of just how big that venue is. Regardless of the fact that we couldnt see all that well, the important thing was that we were able to hear. The sound system was surprisingly powerful and managed to fill the air quite well. Kasabaian opened the night. It was a rather short set however, consisting of many of the songs I remember from Street Scene. While they still put on a good show, they lacked some of the enthusiasm that was present during their performance at Street Scene. Jet was much the same. They played their set for about 30-40 minutes, which consisted of most of the songs from the only album they have out at the moment. Although their musicianship seems to have improved slightly. None of the songs they played really caught my attention. It would be nice to see them bring something different to their live show. Although they do put on a decent show, you can have the same experience just by listening to their album.

Okay, now on the meat of this review. Oasis. Up until this point, I had been sitting in my seat. When Oasis came on stage I was expecting everyone to stand up. Most people did. Somehow though, the people sitting in my section didnt seem to get the message. So, for the first time I was able to stay in my seat for a majority of the show. Most of their set consisted of songs from their new album. The song that stuck out in my mind was "A Bell Will Ring." Other songs included: "Turn Up the Sun, Lyla (of course), The Meaning of Soul, and Guess God Thinks I'm Abel. In addition, they played all the old favorites (Wonderwall, Dont Look Back In Anger, Champagne Supernova, Live Forever, etc). However, the best song they played all night had to have been Morning Glory. For some reason, this song seemed to energize the crowd. That, coulpled with the fact that the guitar solos in the middle of the song sounded even better than I could have imagined, is what made Morning Glory stand out. It wasnt until the second to last song of the first set, Dont Look Back In Anger, that the section I was sitting in decided to get on their feet. After that song, much to my surprise, they closed their first set with Champagne Supernova. I was thinking that song would be their big closing number. So, when they came back out for their encore, I didnt know what to expect. They played a few more songs from their new album, The Meaning of Soul, and Guess God Thinks I'm Abel, if I remember correctly. And then played their closing number.... The Who's: My Generation. Personally, I like shows that end with a slower song. Like Champagne Supernova for example. Green Day likes to do that a lot, and I think it really works to end the show. I'm also not a big fan of covers. So My Generation just didnt seem to fit with the rest of the set. I think they could have done a better job picking a closer. Let There Be Love would have fit much better. But, thats just me being picky. Overall, the show was great. The only complaints I have are meager ones. I will be looking forward to seeing them again... that is of course, if they are ever on tour again. Heres to hoping...

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I wish you...

A Happy Hump Day!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Thunder Cracks

It just did. Odd weather we're having. Although it certainly does fit the mood I am in. I finally got my new computer up and running. It's been running the past couple days, but here's my first post. I'm a little surprised with the way things have been going right now.

I went to Juan's yesterday, and I got so bored I left. I went to hang out with Brad, and I just couldn't stop laughing. I saw Matt there, and I know we're pretty much not friends anymore. There's no real animosity, but we never call each other, or want to hang out. I still owe him a breakfast though. Juan is just talking far too much shit, Verne is still cool to hang out with, but not when he's around them. There is way too much shit floating around between them. I don't want to get the feeling it's me, but when you walk in the room and they stop talking, you can't help but think that.

With them, I feel like I am nobody anymore.

I'm not a friend anymore.

I don't trust them at all, I'm always suspicious of their actions, and I feel like everything is a setup, just to make me look like an ass.

That's really the worst part. You hear and see the whispering or the ends of conversations, and you can't help but just think, of maybe how much better off you'd be with or without them. I can't help it anymore. I told myself I wouldn't write or post any of this, but after this past weekend, I need to leave it there. I can't carry it with me. I will though.

I don't know how they changed, but they did. Looking back at everything, it was good. For a time. I love Verne's comment... "Don't be happy... it will end."

I didn't believe him. When it ends though, it's as bad as it really sounds.

Let me put it this way, it always seems as if Juan and Matt, are just dragging their nails across a chalkboard, whenever I'm near.

What do I do from here? I dunno, find a nice girl perhaps. I have the perfect one in mind.

Monday, September 19, 2005

This is Just Great

Sunday, September 18, 2005


Hey! How do you make audio posts? Mike, are you the only one who can since this is your blog, or can the rest of us make them as well? I was just thinking that maybe I can post songs I am working on and ya'll could give me feedback if you were so inclined. Does that sound plausible if possible? Talk to ya'll later.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Quote of the Day

It is forbidden to kill; therefore all murders are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets.

- Voltaire

Miss Scarlett, In The Hall, With The Revolver.

I really wish Clue was a weekly thing. That was completely awesome. It didn't have the atmosphere of Rocky, and it wasn't littered with callouts every 5 seconds. I loved it. We're gonna go see a couple of other movies later this year. The one I'm looking foward to is Evil Dead 2.

and School of the Holy Beast, which really does have the best trailer ever.

but yeah, I went to bed around six a.m. probably. The Nuart really rocks.

Time is going all too fast

So I was supposed to go out with Brad and Mike tonight to the Nuart in Santa Monica to see Clue, but there is just a lot of shit going on at home that I have to let sink in, and on top of that, I feel like I am going to be sick. ugghh... I hate feeling this way.

Because I am home alone on a Friday night, I was aimlessly wondering around MySpace and came across my friend's profile. He has been on my friend's list for some time now, I just never have talked to him since. Anyways, so I've known this guy since high school. he is the same age as me, oh, I lied, he is a year older then me. Like I said, it's been a while since I talked to him and to much of my surprise I find out that he got married just two weeks ago!!

Damn, marriage is the last thing on my mind right now. But I guess when you find that one person and you know that they are the one, it is never soon enough to start your life together. But I mean, shit! He is only 20! It just came to a shock to me, that's all. Hard to believe that my sophomore year/his junior year, he wanted to hook up with me. Now two years later, he is fucking married?! So strange.

Honestly, where has all the time gone? Am I really getting that old? Should I be thinking about marriage already?


Friday, September 16, 2005

Review: Unreal Championship 2

I recently picked up "Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict" for Xbox. I'd read a few reviews of it and heard it was good, and I'd always had an interest in it. Unreal has always been a distracting game for me. I never really take it seriously, so it's always a good way to pass the time. It's definitely one of the FPS series which defines "Fragtacular." As the name specifies, it is in no way realistic at all, which is a great benefit.

Set in the future, The Liandri corporation hosts a deathmatch tournament known as the "Unreal Tournament." This game is a prelude to the tournament, a qualifying match whose winner goes on to partake in the tournament. The story mode is a basic collection of varied gametypes in the championship, where you play as a Nakhti warrior named Anubis. The Nakhti's traditional ascension rites (a deathmatch between warriors to throne the winner the emperor) are now sponsored by Liandri as well, and the player participates in the ascension rites as Anubis, who is trying to prevent an ex-flame, Selket, from becoming the emperor. She's pretty ruthless and there is something in their past which has yet to be disclosed at this point in the game.

The actual gameplay is extremely fast, and fits the "Unreal" bill perfectly. The controls are intuitive, but do require some getting used too. The introduction of melee weapons adds a new layer of depth to an already excellent shooter, and while excellent, there isn't exactly a bevy of combos to pull off given the limited control scheme. It's not as boring as say a Halo 2 sword match (Which I really do enjoy on occasion) but it's probably not as combo driven as an actual fighter. This is an FPS people. While this is mainly an FPS as I did say, I've actually found myself using the optional third person perspective for some weapons other than the melee's (These can only be used in the third person) Since the game changed guard from Microsoft to Midway, there was some extra time for Epic to polish the game, and it definitely shows.

The framerate is solid with no real discernable slowdown. it may drop a fram or two here and there, but damn it all if this isn't the fastest Xbox game around. The levels are dripping with a futuristic yet mythical atmosphere, as the world of Egyptian gods clash in futuristic design. The graphics are detailed, and lighting is pretty good too. The player models are incredibly detailed, and the textures are crisp. I'd nominate this as one of the best looking Xbox games to date, especially since it runs at amazing speed.

If this is a prelude to what Epic can do, I cannot wait for "Gears of War" the Epic Xbox 360 game scheduled for release in 2006.

This is definitley a title worthy of owning, especially if you like the "Unreal" series. It's definitley distracted me from Halo more than any other game in my library, and I find myself putting it in more often than Halo because of it's fast-paced nature lately.

Give it a rent at the very least, and I wouldn't be surprised if you end up owning it.

Could it really be true?

Today should definitely be interesting. It is the start of a long day, but I think we really are making the most out of it in every way possible. I went into to work today for maybe 30 minutes, just to work out some final tweaks of my two weeks notice. Now I just need to type up a letter of resignation to turn in on monday. w00t!

Other than that, I'm pretty much hanging out with Marmalady all day today. First, we're gonna go pick her up a new HDD. I'm hopefully gonna be able to pick up a new mobo and processor, and some RAM. I'm actually gonna build the computer I've been talking about. Minus the great video card though. I don't really need one all that bad anymore, but I can't say Brad's GF4 ti card won't help. I'll be able to run alot of things decently. Alot of the older games at least. When I say old I'm talking HL2 here , hahaha.

Basically I'm building a good computer so I can run Vista when it releases. If it doesn't suck.

There's always the possibility of upgrades too!!! But yes, It's mainly just so my programs run better. I also want H.264 to run with little problem.

Then later tonight, I'm going with Brad and Mar to go see Clue at the Nuart Theatre in Santa Monica. So I really do have alot going on. It's cool. I doubt I'll be able to squeeze anything else in there today. Maybe a few things. We'll see. I'll keep you all posted!

Innovation? Nintendo Really Does Still Have It...

IGN strikes yet again.

I am in shock. I didn't believe it, Now I am contemplating buying it as well. For FPS's mind you, but that controller, while odd, may really change the face of gaming. It's like a great light gun, arcade stick, fishing pole, and everything things else all wrapped into one.

I'm VERY impressed. I may have just lost Daniel. Nintendo, I am sorry I doubted your innovation, now just apply it to something related to software, that doesn't have a Mario, Link, or Samus.

Pikachu too dammit.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Give my compliments to the chef... I mean... administrator... whatever. Anyway, I've got to say, I like what you've done with the layout Obsy. Good job. Thanks for the heads up by the way. Maybe one of these days I'll actually take a decent picture for you to post. My myspace picture doesnt cut it. Good to see we have some new contributors though.

I've got to keep this short since I've got to head over to work. But for those who are interested, I'll be posting a review of the Oasis show I went to a few nights ago when I have more time.

Next-Gen Animations?

I just can't leave this site alone. I read an interesting article over at ign. It's very intriguing. I recommend you download the video is possible as well. This really is amazing technology.


Lady over yonder

Hey you guys. Ya'll know me except for maybe Marmalady (awesome nickname btw). SO to introduce myself... I be Erin. :-D I am going to school out here in Boston for music. I know Mike from the olden days of elementary school. I am sure he's at least mentioned that once or twice. Mmm. I am usually pretty good at keeping up with blogs, but this year may be a little hectic. Soooo, I will try my damnedest to be a good Veritas member.

That's about it for now I guess, cause I have to run off to class... but let's see...
Latest obsession: Sigur Ros - Takk, & Current infatuation: Coffee ice cream with cookie dough

Aiight. Got to go. :-D

A New Look, A New Feel, A New Beginning.

So I went ahead and changed the layout again. No, sorry it's not the one that I made. In fact, I'm really gonna need some help with that. I don't even know what I want. I did edit this one though, and there may be more edits to come. I'll try and be posting on a more frequent basis, and to help with that, I've added two of my closest friends as authors. I've also trimmed the list by one, so one of the former members is gone. He never contributed anyway.

So for all purposes, the site has been reborn, and grew just a tiny bit. Hopefully we can attract more constant readers as well. Let us know you're here as well, so we in turn provide you with more than just a post every two weeks.

Oh yeah, in other news...

I quit my job!!! it was just a little too much. At 20 years of age, I should not be stressing out about work that much, to the point where I can't sleep because of it. I should only be stressed about girls, and I am. One in particular. She drives me nuts. It's fun though.

I guess that's it... oh no wait. I've got a picture for you all. One which has been overdue for quite too long.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

No Title Necessary

Ah ha! I finally figured out how to navigate my way around this foreign territory known as "Blogger". Dun...dunn...dunnnn... So yes, this is my frist time ever on this thing (ok, well besides me coming to read what Mike and Co. have to write), but this is my first time posting. Mike just added me as a contributer and I figured I would stop on in to say hello to everyone, so "Hello. Greetings and saluations."

My name is Marlinda but will be posting under the alias of Marmalady. It's a nickname that Mike gave me, and figured that I have been going by Shortcutie for all too long. So I saw this as a perfect opportunity to change things up a bit. You know, now is always the best time for new beginnings...blah blah blah...

I have an account on Xanga as well. I am assuming that this is pretty similar, no? Eh, no matter. Give me space on the internet and I will turn it into my very own sequestered domain. So enter (or rather read) at your own risk. I have quite a bit of down time, so I find/read crazy shit to entertain me then will usually write about it. Just giving you the heads up on what's to come.

Well, I am sure that you are probably already sick of me, so let me end with this:

I love chicken monkey shoes!!!

peace, love, and squishy pillows


Saturday, September 10, 2005

Washington's Monkey Turns On It's Owner.

We were all sort of thinking it in the back of our heads, now the first I've noticed of a major media report is up.

Iraq Hurt Katrina's Response, General Says

First they ignore FEMA's request to stop airing images of the deceased, and now they're going after the real stuff. Like I said, it was in the back of everyone's mind, They just finally had the balls to talk about it.

Welcome back from your nap CNN. Shit like this has been going on since 9/11.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

insert title [here]

So, it has been a while since I have made a post. Cant have Mike running the whole show... even though it is his blog. I've been settled into my new apartment for a few weeks now. Its not a bad place. Fairly spacious... except for my room, since I'm sharing it. And my other roommates are decent people. Alcoholics, but decent people nonetheless. The complex is practically on campus, so there are nothing but students here. Which is a nice change of pace from the retirement complex I lived in last year. Most of the people here are cool. Although there have been a few incidents involving the assholes who live below us. I've met one of them, and he just gave off those jackass vibes. Another great thing about this place is that it is right next to frat row, so the skanks are always around. Hopefully, sometime this year, maybe after say.... somebody buys a car... my friends will actually visit me. It is quite a sight to behold... the skanks wandering the streets at night. I call them skanks, because they are such until they prove to me otherwise. I have only met a few decent girls since I've been here, and, SURPRISE, they all have boyfriends. Oh well. Im fine watching the skanks for now.

In other news... well, honestly, there is no other news. But there shall be soon. The Oasis concert is this Monday, so expect a review of that show. Other than that, I've been loafing around here most of the time. And Im sure our readers are dying to hear about that...


Well that's great. All my life I've had really great luck with spam, meaning I never recieve any. Even when I was posting my email address on every site I joined, it's never been a major problem with accounts I actually use. It's funny because the sites I designate as "spam" accounts actually don't get that much spam either. The spam appeared here though, so now all comments will need a word verification. Sorry about that, but it's a minor inconvience to keep the site clean.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

this is an audio post - click to play

this is an audio post - click to play

this is an audio post - click to play

Monday, September 05, 2005

Logic vs. Emotion Round 1

This probably shouldn't be posted before it's conclusion, I hate when people find out what I'm thinking before I feel they should know, but sometimes it's the only way for me to think things through. Suffice to say I'm back in another situation, but I feel I'm approaching it alot better then I have before. It's not back to the way it used to be, but then again the old way only worked once before.

There's been alot of stress floating around, and I think we all need to help each other through it. I'm not completely sure of the best way, but I don't give a damn anymore. I'm just gonna do what feels natural. I'm gonna play it my way. I'm doing things more carefully now. I'm being patient, but not so patient I completely miss opportunity. I don't want to describe it that way, but it's more than an opportunity for me, it's one for all of us hopefully.

I don't care if it doesn't work. If nothing goes according to how I hope it will then, dammit, nothing is lost. I won't lose anything. I might as well put my money where my mouth is. I'm not gonna care what others think, because in the end I think alot of people will actually agree with my decision, and if they don't... they can go fuck themselves.

Maybe it isn't a case of logic vs. emotion, maybe it's trying to get both to cooperate. I honestly don't think now is the best time, but I didn't think that the last time either, so I might as well go with my gut instinct. I know this will work. I just have to bring myself to take the necessary steps to do so.

Forget everything else...

Look foward to what we can have if we all want it bad enough.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Interesting article on Katrina on the CNN international page (probably one too.) regarding the official statements from the FEMA director and more, CNN correspondents, and then the people involved themselves. It's a direct comparision that just sickens me. I'm glad right now that the Media is actually doing their job as a watchdog, and broadcasting REAL images, not just what they think Karl Rove would like. If it wasn't for that, there would probably be alot more people dead right now.

If you already haven't done so, you can go donate to the Red Cross

If you're like me, and want to donate as part of the gaming community, Bungie is selling some very nice T-shirts, with the proceeds going straight to the people in need. here's the link. Now you can be geeky guilt free!

Friday, September 02, 2005

Katrina destroys more than New Orleans...

I couldn't have said it any better myself.

Sad part is, most of the people in the south elected him. I wonder if the country will wake the fuck up now.