Thursday, November 17, 2005

Long, Long, Long

Its been a long, long..., long time....

Well, since its been a while since I've done anything productive, I figure its time for another post. At least it'll make sure I dont forget how to write. Im not quite sure what to write about, but I can wing it for a bit. So, some odd things have been happening recently. I was re-united with some old friends over the past couple of weeks. One I hadnt seen in about five years, the other about two. Shows how well I can keep friends. I went to a wedding the past weekend for an old friend of mine. She was probably the first friend I ever had. My dad was, and still is, friends with her dad, so naturally we became friends. But as we got older we started to drift apart. I've noticed that has been the trend with a lot of people I have known. I dont know how my dad did it. Just about all of his friends from high school were at that wedding. Its amazing they've kept in contact for so long. It makes me wonder which of the people I know now I'll keep in contact with until Im old.


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