Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The End Of The All Things Good

So I am back home. I'm back to the feeling that I have felt most of my life. Lonely. Just to warn you, I am drunk. So if this post makes little sense, then good. I guess mopst reraders won't believe me. I am deone with correcting my mistakes. They are what they are. I will nevger find anyone. I will be lonely my whole life. I will never experience the fellling of falling in love. It's not meant for me. Maybe UI should give up, and just fuck the first thing that comes my way. I don't5 want to though. I wantr to really mean it. I want to feel tht UIcouldn't be in more love than posible with the person I loser my virginity to. Maybe it would be an accomplishment. maybe it wouldn't. I don't know. All I know is that I am losing sight of what it means tio be happy. I can't bve happy withoput someone to call my girlfriend.

I cqn barely tpe properly. fu8ck grMMAR AND PUNCUATION. THIS IS A LOW POISNT FOR ALL I have bee feeling. Why couldn't things work out with mar? why do I keep thinking that it would have been better? would it? wouldf I really be happ? I don';t know. I don't want to fuck anyone. Cause then I think I will just need to keep doimgit. I don't klnow how to do it obviously.

reminds me of a song. Instince Blues, by The White Stripes. Good song. You wanna know what Mar's song is? I do that. I attac songs to people. Mar's is The Denial Twist. Good song. Listen to the lyrics though. maybe You'll gety itr.


At Sat Nov 05, 06:15:00 PM PST, Blogger Juan said...

Stop being a loser and feeling sorry for yourself, everybody has the same chance you have in getting laid or "falling in love" its up to you to make it happen. go to the gym and stop being emotional, girls dont like that, oh yeah and get a job and you're pretty much set.

And when i say go to the gym I dont say it becuase you are fat(although you are) but because it will make you feel better and you wont make such a fool of yourself when you talk to people of the opposite gender cuz you do.

I'm only saying this cuz i love you

At Sat Nov 05, 06:22:00 PM PST, Blogger Juan said...

P.S. Dont fall for every chick that fall your way and gives you attention


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