Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Hollywood Halo

What all started as rumors way back in 2002, has become a very ambititous project. The fine folks at Bungie were excited by the idea, yet at the same time worried. Nothing had a great track record. Nothing. Games to Movies? not that great. The ones that were probably best were the Mortal Kombat movies, and possibly the Resident Evil series. Super Mario? Don't even go there.

SO what about their property. I mean, after all, Halo 2 did take in over $125 million in it's first day out. There are fans all over the world, rabid, loyal, and just as excited at the prospect of a movie. If...

and Only IF...

It's done right.

And that was the problem. If you don't know the history, The movie got it's first glimpse of light back when microsoft hired Alex Garland, who did the screenplays for both "The Beach" and "28 Days Later"

Then Microsoft slapped a price tag on the property and shopped it around. Asking price? $10 million up front, and %10 percent of the films sales. They sent out messengers in Master Chief suits, delivering the scripts for the for the hollywood big wigs to review.

They kept getting no's. Until Universal and Fox called them back. They both wanted rights, but the price was too steep. It was adjusted, and Universal was to handle production and domestic distribution, with Fox handling international distribution.

Halo players all over worried. Fox? They did AvP didn't they? Bad track record. Then more rumors swirled. Uwe Boll was directing. The guy that did Alone in The Dark?!?! WHO SAW THAT?!?! And the Doom movie? the one that was supposed to be badass?!?! turning out not badass. Everyone worried. How could it not suck!?1?!?

Everything else was quiet. Until today.

Bungie officially announced the Executive Producer of the film.

Peter Jackson.

The man who took two well established franchises and flipped everyone off as he made himself a hollywood icon. There is very little chance, that this movie is gonna suck. If anything, This will be the best game to movie transistion ever. That's not saying much, but I am giddy.

With peter Jackson on board, that also means another thing. WETA.

This movie cannot suck.


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