Thursday, September 22, 2005

Put Yer Money Where Yer Mouth Is

Well, I've been saying I would review the Oasis show, and since I've got nothing else to do right now, I think its about time I fulfill that promise. So, lets not waste any more time.

Now, this was the first time I had gone to the Hollywood Bowl. I figured we had bad seats, but I was not aware of just how big that venue is. Regardless of the fact that we couldnt see all that well, the important thing was that we were able to hear. The sound system was surprisingly powerful and managed to fill the air quite well. Kasabaian opened the night. It was a rather short set however, consisting of many of the songs I remember from Street Scene. While they still put on a good show, they lacked some of the enthusiasm that was present during their performance at Street Scene. Jet was much the same. They played their set for about 30-40 minutes, which consisted of most of the songs from the only album they have out at the moment. Although their musicianship seems to have improved slightly. None of the songs they played really caught my attention. It would be nice to see them bring something different to their live show. Although they do put on a decent show, you can have the same experience just by listening to their album.

Okay, now on the meat of this review. Oasis. Up until this point, I had been sitting in my seat. When Oasis came on stage I was expecting everyone to stand up. Most people did. Somehow though, the people sitting in my section didnt seem to get the message. So, for the first time I was able to stay in my seat for a majority of the show. Most of their set consisted of songs from their new album. The song that stuck out in my mind was "A Bell Will Ring." Other songs included: "Turn Up the Sun, Lyla (of course), The Meaning of Soul, and Guess God Thinks I'm Abel. In addition, they played all the old favorites (Wonderwall, Dont Look Back In Anger, Champagne Supernova, Live Forever, etc). However, the best song they played all night had to have been Morning Glory. For some reason, this song seemed to energize the crowd. That, coulpled with the fact that the guitar solos in the middle of the song sounded even better than I could have imagined, is what made Morning Glory stand out. It wasnt until the second to last song of the first set, Dont Look Back In Anger, that the section I was sitting in decided to get on their feet. After that song, much to my surprise, they closed their first set with Champagne Supernova. I was thinking that song would be their big closing number. So, when they came back out for their encore, I didnt know what to expect. They played a few more songs from their new album, The Meaning of Soul, and Guess God Thinks I'm Abel, if I remember correctly. And then played their closing number.... The Who's: My Generation. Personally, I like shows that end with a slower song. Like Champagne Supernova for example. Green Day likes to do that a lot, and I think it really works to end the show. I'm also not a big fan of covers. So My Generation just didnt seem to fit with the rest of the set. I think they could have done a better job picking a closer. Let There Be Love would have fit much better. But, thats just me being picky. Overall, the show was great. The only complaints I have are meager ones. I will be looking forward to seeing them again... that is of course, if they are ever on tour again. Heres to hoping...


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