Monday, September 26, 2005

Hooray! Pt. II

Perhaps the title is a bit misleading, but this is an update of my previous post. So I'll get to that first. I am officially going to see Weezer and the Foo Fighters tomorrow. One of the girls that I work with bought a ticket for her friend, but she couldnt go. And, surprisingly, she asked me to go in her place. Lucky me. I was actually feeling good for once. But that didn't last very long. It started today when I was called in to work early because my co-worker called in sick. Then when it started getting busy, the doucebags who work at the other stores started coming in to harass me because they wanted to leave. But when I asked them for help, they said they cant spare anybody when they have about 20 or so employees. Considering I work on a team that usually consists of two people (keep in mind, the one that isnt me isnt there), I didnt think that would be asking too much. Apparently I was wrong. Ughh... just another one of those days. Good thing its over. And I dont work tomorrow. Sucks for the morning guy. I left a lot of shit for him to do.

Its strange to see science in action like that. I should have seen it coming though. Everyone knows Newtons law of Action - Reaction. What Im wondering now is if my shitty day today completely nullifies the fact that I came across a free Weezer ticket, or if more bad... luck, karma... whatever you want to call it, is coming my way. I suppose I'll find out.


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