Friday, September 16, 2005

Could it really be true?

Today should definitely be interesting. It is the start of a long day, but I think we really are making the most out of it in every way possible. I went into to work today for maybe 30 minutes, just to work out some final tweaks of my two weeks notice. Now I just need to type up a letter of resignation to turn in on monday. w00t!

Other than that, I'm pretty much hanging out with Marmalady all day today. First, we're gonna go pick her up a new HDD. I'm hopefully gonna be able to pick up a new mobo and processor, and some RAM. I'm actually gonna build the computer I've been talking about. Minus the great video card though. I don't really need one all that bad anymore, but I can't say Brad's GF4 ti card won't help. I'll be able to run alot of things decently. Alot of the older games at least. When I say old I'm talking HL2 here , hahaha.

Basically I'm building a good computer so I can run Vista when it releases. If it doesn't suck.

There's always the possibility of upgrades too!!! But yes, It's mainly just so my programs run better. I also want H.264 to run with little problem.

Then later tonight, I'm going with Brad and Mar to go see Clue at the Nuart Theatre in Santa Monica. So I really do have alot going on. It's cool. I doubt I'll be able to squeeze anything else in there today. Maybe a few things. We'll see. I'll keep you all posted!


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