Monday, May 09, 2005

What a strange week

So, yeah, as you can probably already tell, its been a really weird week. It started off bad, and got progressively shittier as the week dragged slowly on. Started off by failing a test. Thats never good. Then I found out that the guy I'm supposed to be living with next year did something really fucking stupid and cant stay with his friends anymore. I know what youre thinking, but it wasnt some stupid petty chick drama. It was the kind of thing that would probably make you set sail on the ship of "Lost Souls." Did I mention this is the ship of "Lost Souls?" Sorry just had to get a Simpsons reference in there to keep me from shuddering at the thought. It was that fucked up. When he told me the first thing I thought was "Damn, I dont even think Juan would do something like that." I wont mention it here since its not really important.

As usually, school sucked and work sucked, but the week eventually ended. Then came the weekend. Critter and the guys ended up drinking my beers, and still havent payed me back. We had a small gathering for cinco de mayo, and had the cops called on us by one of our neighbors. Fuck them! But it was a good night. I saw a lot of people I had lost contact with over the break. Just a really relaxing night... like Mikes party. I didnt do shit today really. Played FFXI pretty much all day. I ended up talking to some chick that Brian was helping gain experience. She ended up giving me the url to her myspace profile. Found out that it actually was a girl, and she lived in South Carolina. Brian and I have said on many occasions, if we ever met girls that played final fantasy, we'd marry them. No questions asked. In this case we'd have to settle for getting married in the game, which you can do, in case you were wondering. I looked at her profile too, and shes not bad looking either. Which gives me hope there is a hot nerdy chick out there somewhere waiting for me to find her. I've just got to keep looking.


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