Thursday, May 05, 2005

Sometimes you just need to keep your mouth shut

You know, I just realized the title is a Green Day lyric. I didn't do that intentionally. Honestly. Anyway, I had a thought at work today. I know the three people that actually read this will no doubt find this interesting. I was thinking back to days long ago when things were simple. How I miss the good ol' days, when text boxes were abundant in video games. I doubt anyone agrees with me, but I'd take text boxes over crappy voice acting any day. I hope they decide to implement it again into games for the next-gen consoles.

So maybe I am a little biased, since I mostly play rpg's. I suppose text boxes wouldnt work for every type of game, but it should at least make a comeback with rpg's. Having a person provide a voice for charaters works to undo everything a good rpg is... a ROLE PLAYING GAME. Essentially, you are giving yourself the lead role. You can do that while the character is talking at you. It feels more like you are a spectator watching the character instead of the character him/herself. With textboxes, you give the character YOUR OWN VOICE, or one you envision he/she should have. Additionally voice acting takes away one of the greatest features rpg's usually have... the ability to name your character. Sure its downright nerdy to name a cast of characters in a game after your friends (dont look at me like I'm the only one who does this. There are others.), but it works to create the illusion that you are actually in the game.

So in summary, text boxes = good, voice acting = bad. Just had to clear that up. I hope I've been able to kill some of your time.


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