Friday, May 06, 2005

And you thought you were better than me...

So, interestingly there have been more reprecussions than I expected from my last post. It seems as if jason did read it, which is fine, I mean, I expected him too. I didn't expect a reaction or anything, but what actually surprised me was that I set off Marlinda too. She made a post of the same nature. Honestly, Jason, if you're reading this, much like you I was not in the right state of mind, and things that I wrote were a bit harsher than they should have been. I apologize for that. Those are however thing that I have been thinking instead of saying. Maybe it's cheap but those are my thoughts and opinions and you can take it how you want.

I make sure to never edit my posts. They are the way they are and that's how they should be. This is the place to express that, lest I save it for the spot.

Today though, is not a rambling of needless bitching, or even a time for reflection. This right now is a very good post. I haven't yet gotten total closure on the subject, but it looks as I will become an associate at Bank of America. I can't possibly stress how good I feel about that. This being my first job, I can't help but feel very lucky. It's a damn good job. Good pay, benefits, vacation, but more importantly, there are many opportunities there. I love the environment. It's very businesslike, but it's laid-back, and casual. I can't wait to start working. I had the main interview today. The day before I thought I was going in for an interview, but it turned out to be the assessment tests, which will qualify you for a phone interview. Then if you make the grade on that, you move to the actual interview. I must say, I was extremely confident during this interview. I don't think I was ever caught off-guard by a question, and I think my answers were well suited. After that I got a tour of the floor. I don't think they'd do that for people they weren't going to hire, but when I asked when they would get back to me, my interviewer said within 48 hours. I'm just waiting for that final call.

SO...... today was a good day.

Finally, I'd just like to add that our young Ender has made a very convincing point about text lines vs. voice acting in a game. Although I don't think it's a good reason for me to play more RPG's than I already do, his point is damn good. Really though, if you played say, Metal gear Solid with text, I don't think I would come up with Snake's already kick ass voice, acted out by David Hayter screenwriter for the past 2 X-Men movies. Talk about good adaptations...

Also, there will ber a review of Forza Motorsport coming, if I can find the time to stop playing it to write about it.


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