Sunday, April 03, 2005

The Virus Which Plagues The World

I have it right now. Fuckin eh, I tried. I tried not to catch it, but it happened. I think it was when I smoked with Matt. I think it's just cold, but he seems like he had the flu. So overall. It has not been a good weekend for me. Even with my parents gone.

My parents wetn to Nevada for a wedding. Apparently a really old friend of their's insisted that her daughter invite them to her wedding. So she did.

I'm just trying to post as much as I can in as little time as I can. Like I said, I feel like shit.

So the pope died. Wow. An old man dies and the world is amazed. No I'm not that atheist or fucked up. He was an alright guy that pope. I mean he did devote his life to something. Whether or not I agree with it, I respect him for his dedication and compassion. At least for other members of the faith. He seems to have little respect for Atheist beliefs, but whatever. I guess he was a good enough man to be mourned by the world. Since the world is mourning him, I'll take a rain check.

There's been a rash of high-profile deaths this week. If you believe in God, He must really be on a death binge or something, because first we had Johnny Cochran dying, which was out of left field, then buried by media storms of exploitation when Terry Schiavo died. I guess we as American's made a bigger deal out of that one then it really was. Ask a year ago who Terry Schiavo was, and no one would know. So we made that high-profile. Then Mitch Hedburg died, On the same day I think. I respect him enough to say "That sucks." but do I know his work? not really. For those of you wondering, he was a comedy central talent. I think his main work at the present was "Crank Yankers," he did multiple guest spots, and his standup.

And then the Pope.

Oh and then there was April fool's day. I shoulda made some kind of made up post, but no. I couldn't. I thought the internet jokes were fucked up enough already.


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