Friday, April 22, 2005

They do it to me every time...

i figured i might as well post something, though i don't really have much to rant about.
Except for Asian chicks. i swear i keep seeing these really hot Asian girls in random places. Naturally i just sit there and stare, but the weird thing is each time they seem to look back at me as if to say, "Yes verne, i see that you're checking me out and you have my approval." It's some sort of sign.
Earlier today i was sitting at the benches of the 500 building. i wasn't up for an hour and a half of a lecture on ocean salinity so i decided to just sit outside, smoke a ciggarette, and read the school paper.
A car pulls up at the drop off zone of the driveway and there are two asian girls in the car. The one in the passenger side looks really hot in that typical cute, timid, Far East kind of way and she's almost instantly looking right at me. So i pretend to read the paper and out the corner of my glasses i see she just keeps staring back at me. i keep thinking to myself, "Is she looking at me? Cause if she is she's totally checking me out." She gets out of the car with the other girl and they are talking to each other and looking around. It seems as if they're looking for something, and i become tempted to just go up and ask if i could help. Of course i resist the temptation and continue to watch with the school paper in front of my face. And all the while the cute Asian girl keeps looking back in my direction and now i know for sure she's looking at me. i mean there was nothing else in my direction, no one near me. Just me, the bench and the wall. Now i'm really tempted to just go up to her, or say hi, or at least smile at her. But i begin second guessing myself and i notice the girl she's with isn't really a girl, she's more of a woman. In fact she's probably about 40 or so. It's so hard to tell the age of an Asian chick. Sometimes they look 12 and they're actually 30. So anyways, it begins to appear that this older one is her mom and i'm thinking maybe it is best i don't do anything. As i make this excuse for myself another Asian girl walks up to them and they all three get in the car and drive away. So i guess the cute Asian girl was the little sister and the older one was the mom there to pick up the daughter in college. So i'll probably never see that girl again. To top it off she smiled at me as they drove away. At least i think it was at me.


At Fri Apr 22, 09:52:00 PM PDT, Blogger Ender said...

One of these days Verne, you're just going to have to get up and take a chance. So what if her mom was right there? You make your impression, and then go from there. If it doesnt work, then you'll never have to see her again.


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