Wednesday, April 20, 2005

There's good, then there's good, and then there's this

Every now and then at school they'll have a screening of a particularly crappy movie or show. However, a few days ago I learned that they would be screening something that actually was worth watching. Strangely enough, it happened to fall on a day that I didnt work, so Id actually be able to go and see it. So yesterday, I went to my school to watch the first episode of the new season of Family Guy and American Dad. Let me tell you now, the show has lost none of its potency. I wont give any spoilers, but the characters are still exactly how you remember them. American Dad was not nearly as funny as Family Guy, but it still had its moments. I dont know if that show is something that will still be worth watching, or if Fox will cancel after the first few episodes.

On a side note, Verne needs to make a post dammit! I feel like its just me and Mike talking here. We need your imput. Why you ask? Cause we're a fucking tripod, thats why.

On a second side note (this should get Vernes attention), I might be going to see Paul McCartney soon. He's coming to town and my dad offered to buy tickets. Thats one more show on the list. Paul, Cochella (hopefully), Oasis, and The White Stripes when they go on tour. Thats quite a list for one year. Id better start saving my lunch money.


At Fri Apr 22, 03:57:00 AM PDT, Blogger Verne said...

Paul McCartney would be cool but i'd rather see John Lennon.
You better make sure you go to Coachella.


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