Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Off to a great start

So Im off to a great start already. I told myself I'd get my act together and start going to class. But, who would have guessed hanging out with sick people over break would get me sick. Thanks Mike. I called out from work and missed both of my classes today. Hopefully I will be well enough to go tomorrow. I cant afford to miss my physics class anymore. But there's no guarantee I will be able to get up in time for it. Strange thing is... I started feeling better today after I had a cigarette. I had one in the morning that tore my throat into pieces. Then, after seeing Sin City for the second time, Brian handed me one of his Lucky Strikes. Those are harsh enough when I dont have a sore throat. After that, I've been feeling a bit better. So now its only a matter of waking up in the morning. At least I can breathe through my nose now. Perhaps I will be able to sleep tonight. I think I'll go find out now.


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