Saturday, April 23, 2005

Make Believe!!!!!

i'm rockin' out to the new Weezer album as i type this. It is so effing good. Brian Bell was right when he said in a Rolling Stone interview that it was a mix of Blue and Pinkerton with Maladroit style solos. Every song is epic and could be a hit radio single, but once again Rivers had to go with the song that sounds most different from the rest of the album (ie. Undone, El Scorcho, Hash Pipe and most recently Beverly Hills).
It all started when i was really bored and felt like putting Juan's hard drives to good use so i began browsing the list of the newest torrents available and under music at the top of the list was Make Believe. i couldn't believe it, so i checked the Weezer boards and sure enough the Weez fans were already raving about it. The torrent already had over 400 seeders and it had only been out for an hour or so.
So i quickly downloaded the album, threw everyone out of the living room and pressed play. It opened with Beverly Hills which just increased my anticipation, since i've already heard the song a hundred times. But i couldn't just skip to the next song because i wanted to hear the album in its entirety, the way it was meant to be heard.
So i sing through Beverly Hills to get the singing out of the way since i wouldn't be singing the rest of the album, because i haven't really heard any of it (besides 10 second clips of two songs and a early demo of Hold Me, the fourth track on the album).
Once i get through the closing chorus of Beverly Hills and the final line is shouted out by the band the song Perfect Situation kicks in with rising, screaming guitars building up to the opening verse, and then ahh AHH's over and over again in an undeniably catchy sing along chorus.
i instantly began singing along. You just can't help it. Every one of these tracks is the same in that manner.
EVERY SONG IS INSTANTLY CATCHY. i challenge you not to sing along.
The only problem i have with these songs is that they're so catchy that when i'm not listening to them my mind can't decide which song to have stuck in my head. So it tries singing every song at the same time and that makes my head hurt. The only solution is to never stop listening to the album.

Rivers' singing is at its best and each solo is as epic as Only in Dreams. The guitar and face melting solos aren't the only focus of this album. There are several songs that feature piano, acoutstic guitar, some strings, harmonica (which hasn't been heard on a Weezer album since Blue) and even a synth. This album is definitely on par with Blue, and dare i say better than Pinkerton?
Now i really need to go to Coachella. Well until then i'll just keep listening to the album which i've been doing consitantly for three hours now.


At Sun Apr 24, 10:11:00 PM PDT, Blogger Ender said...

Well now, I must say I'm looking forward to the release. Better than Pinkerton though? Dont get my hopes up Verne. When is the release again?

At Sun Apr 24, 10:34:00 PM PDT, Blogger Obsydian said...

Well thanks verne. If every song is as catchy as Beverly Hills, then I know not to d/l it at any cost, because otherwise, I'd just kill myself.

Good work using Torrentspy, but uhh. try and keep that on the down-low yeah?


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