Wednesday, April 13, 2005

I Fought Piranahs

Actually I didn't, but it's just a cool song with a cool title, so I figured it might carry over. So I actually took my first break about not worrying about posting. Why? Because I'm working on a new layout for this site. So I can actually make it everything I want it to be. I figure if I start now, I'll get it done by the time I have a job and can pay for hosting.

I'm trying to go for a lightish theme. I'll post images as it comes along, and my loyal readers can give me some input on what you think I can improve/change. Since you all are the ones who'll be getting the most out of it.

I'm thinking about dropping little easter eggs here and there with some goodies for those of you who can find them, err... figure them out. I know I'll make it worthwhile though.

As for the update on life. It's the same. I played some pool today, which was cool. I got to mess around with a broken pocket PC, which I think we killed. It was at one time Juan's. He gave it to me because well, it was broken... but then it's just not that cool. It's a decent PocketPC, but it can't do near anything I want it too. Windows CE sucks ass too. If I knew linux enough to get it running on a PC, I might get a linux based PDA, but no... fuck that.

One thing I did get to check out though was a very cool movie in my opinion. It was "The Machinist"

Starring Christian Bale, an actor whose talent and dedication are often overlooked it seems to me, plays the role of an insomniac machinist who tries to figure out everything that is wrong with him. It's a genuine mystery/suspense thriller movie, with an atmosphere that is spot on throughout the movie. The movie drips with a Hitchcock inspiration, to the point where I could picture Jimmy Stewart playing the role of the protagonist Trevor Reznik. Overall though, the reason it feels this way is because of the score, which is awesome in my opinion. It fits the movie really well, and gives another layer of depth to the already creepy atmosphere.

It is a pretty intense movie, with a few gruesome scenes, mostly the ones with Christian Bale topless. Dropping his weight to 117 pounds, he looks dangerously thin. As I said before, Christian Bale's dedication is phenomenal. He dropped 67 pounds just for this role, and it shows in the film. He barely looks like himself at all in this film. He looks like a severely ill man, with age and madness etched into his every feature. Even more impressive though, is that he gained alot of weight after this role to begin shooting of "Batman Begins"

While the movie is somewhat slow, I was invovled in it till the very end. I would suggest though, that for the full effect of this film, you throw it on just before you are going to bed. Dead tired is the theme of the movie, and dead tired is perhaps the best way to watch it.


At Mon Apr 18, 12:58:00 AM PDT, Blogger Ender said...

I fought piranahs once. I was actually falling down a waterfall while it was happening. Of course, you have no idea what Im talking about. I'll convince you soon enough. Maybe after Im done teaching you how to play StarCraft.


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