Monday, April 04, 2005

High Roller

Today was interesting. I went out to breakfast with Verne and Yvette. That was really cool. They messed up my order, and I got more than I payed for. It was awesome. I was completley stuffed at the end of it all. I even took some home. It was alot. The coolest thing though, was that Yvette gave me and verne a present. It's a flask. It was really nice of her. So we hung out and talked for a while, then I took her home.

I drove home, and Verne came too, since it's Monday, and 24 is on tonight. Matt passed by for a bit, but he took off to go smoke with Amber and her gay friends. Matt and Angel I think their names are. Kinda funny. It was kinda lame that he came only for a bit, but whatever. I just got through with making a new playlist in iTunes. It's basically my picks from the collection. Stuff I listen to constantly, or thing that I used to, and need to listen to more. I downloaded Tag and Rename, which is this neat program that will organize your ID3 tags. You can get tag information from Amazon, and it also saves the album covers. iTunes has support for this, and it works great. It really adds depth to the program. It becomes more of a Jukebox than any other program I've seen. I know it uses far too much CPU and memory, but on Matt's computer that hasn't been a problem, so let the good times roll. So iTunes if you can run it, Winamp if you can't. Did I mention the radio stations are excellent too?

Ahh yes, I forgot to mention, I also bought Full Spectrum Warrior on Xbox this weekend. It was $20, so it was a steal. It really was. Good gameplay mechanics, it's pretty tough, but the game teaches you how to play it really well, it just leaves up the execution of tactics to you. Quite well in fact. Although the maps can be a bit harsh, leaving little alternatives as to where your teams are supposed to go. The graphics are pretty good, but there are a few glitches, take for example, when I pulled out the GPS navigator by a wall. Apparently GPS navigators can go through walls. The models are really well done, as well as the textures. My only complaint with the models, is when the head is turned. The neck bulges out at an odd angle, because the head turns, but the neck doesn't. It results in an ugly protusion, making me thing my soldiers have cancer.

I also got a new CD. "Lullabies to Paralyze", the new Queens of The Stone Age album. I haven't listened to it much, but my first impressions are mixed. I can say that right now, I much prefer "Songs For The Deaf", their previous album. I'll have to give it more time though. I took a chance with "Songs" and didn't really like it at first. It grew on me with astonishing speed. I mainly got it for the singles, "No One Knows" and "Go with The Flow," but those are some of the weakest tracks on the album in my opinion. Dave Grohl's pounding and energentic drumming on the opener, "Millionaire" (for short) is a highlight for me. It's sad to see him go, since he is such a talented drummer, and flows well with Queen's feel. I think that's another reason in part I have mixed feeling with this new album too, but I shall give it the same chance I gave "Songs," a chance to grow on me.


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