Friday, April 01, 2005

Gangsta Mail

I have two words to say. Holy shit.

Gmail apparently turned 1 today. For those of you who don't know what gmail is, it's google's mail service. It's still in Beta, but it seems as if everyone has it. I can't even get people to take invites anymore. I have 50. They just sit there... doing nothing.

Anyway, I think they have finally lost it. 1Gb was really enough, but I knew I would fill it. Eventually. I signed up for a few newsletters, especially the political ones... and I was at 5% yesterday. 45Mb of space being used. Now, It's just gonna go down. I dunno what the story is, but they're creating an "Infinity +1" service. I'm sure you'll have to pay for it... but basically. You have no storage limit. Not only that, but the regular accounts are getting a 1Gb upgrade, so I now have 2 Gb at my disposal. Weird thing is, there is a counter. The counter just keeps going up. It reflects my available storage space, and right now it is at, 1,217 MB of storage, or 1.2GB

I hope it doesn't stop. It would just be bitchin to see the damn number keep growing till I'm on my death bed.

But Yeah, They're nuts. It's time for bed though. I'll post that review tomorrow.


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