Sunday, April 10, 2005

Engaged in everything

Very few days are quite as busy as today, but I wish they always were. I went to Oceanside today, for my cousin spencer's birthday. It was alright, but it was funner when the party was over, and all the annoying brats had gone home. I'm becoming increasingly annoyed by other people's kids. Especially the one's that hit puberty. I hate to think I was such a moron, but I know I was. Much worse probably. I don't know why I can't stand them, I just can't. Spencer and I were horsing around later. I love that kid. he defines that name, he is the epitome of the "Kid" phrase. He learns som much, and always impresses me. I also got to know some of my other cousins better. Joseph and Lucio, or "Junior." Both of them are now the legal responsibilty of their granddad, my Uncle.

My uncle was hardly around when I was younger. For good reason too. He was involved in all the wrong things; Drugs, Alcohol, and the law. He spent time in jail. He was sent back again. I can barely remember alot of this, but he had two kids, my cousins Craig and Kim. They both learned from their dad. His wife divorced him, and he was left high and dry. Craig and Kim were in the custody of their mom, but my uncle still had visitation rights. He entered a rehab program, and took back his life. He is an extremely good guy, and I love him alot. The kids though, grew up in a bad area, so they were having some of the same difficulties he had, but they both turned out better than they could of. Craig decided to join the Navy, like my grandfather did, but he was dishonorably discharged within a year. I never found out for what, nor bother to ask. Kim though, got pregnant at 16. It was something she apparently wanted, but the father, Lucio, was a hood. He did of course start abusing her, but my uncle and Craig stepped in. As far as I know he was out of the picture. Until recently, which was why my uncle sought custody of his grandkids. He didn't want them anywhere near the shit he was. Lucio jr, was, pardon my distaste, dumb as doorknob. He barely spoke at 3, and was running rampant. Under my uncle's stern discipline and guidance though, he is a great kid now. Joseph, also has speech problems, but he has never shown the bratiness that Junior showed. They were both talking, interacting, and playing. I was amazed when I saw them sharing a toy together though. They took turns, and stayed quiet when the other had the toy. Other children can barely grasp this concept, but they were on it. They both show lots of potential, and I look forward to spending more time with them.

When I got home, Matt was already calling me, so he came over for a bit. He played a bit of Black & White, which if you haven't played it, is a phenomenal game that was released in 1999. It was designed by my own personal legend, Peter Molyneux. To me he is a genius in terms of game design, and I look foward to his future products. Matt really seemed to enjoy it, even with it's long intro/tutorial sequence. That is probably my only problem with that game.

Now, I'm just browsing the net and listening to music. I noticed, with alot of amusement, that the blogger team has full support for Firefox, more so that Internet Explorer. I'm very happy with that. It's nice to see a team support a better browser because it is better, not because it has a bigger market share. They apparently use firefox internally too. Firefox is gaining so much support now it is interesting to watch.

I highly recommend Firefox to those of you who haven't switched. It's no big change from IE, in terms of learning or usage, but on the back end, security and functionality, it has far surpassed IE in every respect. I love it, and I'm sure after using it, you will too. Oh yeah, It is available to you mac users as well. I would suggest you give it a try as well.

If you don't believe me, ask my mom, if you know her and can. When she got a laptop for Christmas, I did of course take the duty of setting it up and maintaining it. I immediately switched her to Firefox, and gave her a crash course. She didn't want to change, but as soon as I showed her how it was no different than IE, and in some cases simpler, she got used to it. She sometimes doesn't agree with some of the decisions I make for her, but when she went to a conference for her legal secretaries, they had a focus on computer usage. When the speaker metioned firefox, and recommended using it, she just smiled and thought of me. Then she mentioned this to her friends, and told them how she liked it. When she came back and told me that I told her "of course." It validated everything I've suggested before, and made my life alot easier. I know Daniel, the only other contributor on this site recently switched, and I'm sure he likes it.

I don't know how much I can stress it, but honestly, please, switch to Firefox

EDIT: I found this article here, for those of you still non-believing.


At Mon Apr 11, 05:51:00 PM PDT, Blogger Ender said...

Im still waiting to see a fox running around on fire on all of my pages. *unimpressed look*


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