Friday, April 01, 2005

Early Posting

Early posting is a result of an early morning. I just learned that word. Morning. I dunno if I like it yet. I'll have to get used to it. Perhaps not though. Enough with the jokes though. I woke up early today to go with Matt. He had to drive to Downtown L.A. to get fingerprinted for Bank of America. Along with a background check.

I awoke this morning halfway startled, but more confused. I heard a loud noise, and then a panicked, "Oh, fuck." I groggily looked at my window and saw Matt trying to climb through it. "Mike, help me!!!" He says, as he tries to push my rickety hamper out of the way.

"What the fuck are you doing?"

"climbing through the window."

No shit, I can see that. "Why?" I ask.

"No one would answer the door." He finally gets in nd stands there as I look at him amzingly. This is Matt. It is so, Matt. "I've done this before he says."

"How many times?!?!"

"I dunno, like four?"

I get out of bed, slightly pleased with the habit of sleeping in underwear, unlike a person who sleeps in the nude. I grab some clothes and shower. Matt looks up the directions while I shower. I get out and walk into the room, to find Matt half asleep on my bed. He gets up and tells me to drive since he isn't feeling well. Seems like he came down with the flu or something.

So we drive to L.A. with no stereo mind you, since it kinda broke last night. It turns out a wire just got disconnected, it works fine now. It took us a little while to find the place, but we did. Security was pretty tight, but we didn't need to go past security, the room for finger-printing was outside the secured area.

That's when Matt decides to pull his joke on me. "Mike, I forgot to mention... Prince died last night."

"What?!?!?! That sucks!!!"

"April fool's!!!!"


He gets the finger-printing done, and we head home, but we stop at the Stereo store first, to get his system fixed. We grab a bite to eat, and then head home.

I'm gonna go see Sin City later today, so that'll be ultra-cool. I'll let you all know how it is.


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